n the spirit of Christmas giving and all that, we sent Mr Gay Ireland, Greg Joynt, along to the Stephen Thomas exclusively men-only beauty clinic for an all over body pamper. He came out feeling a different man!

Stephen McEvoy likes working on men. So much so that he’s tailored his business to cater to the male of the species and now is the proud owner of Dublin’s first men-only beauty clinic.

Men of all ages are coming to me, the youngest client I’ve had was 17, but I get guys of all ages coming in. For facials I don’t get so many younger clients, though. They’d rather use their money to go out and get locked than spend it getting their skin looked after! But when guys get into their late 20s and early 30s, they start noticing the signs of aging and want to do something about it. I don’t use products that are specifically formulated for men, though. As far as I’m concerned those products have all sorts of unsuitable ingredients for particular types of skin in them under a catch-all selling point. Products for women’s skin have been developed over so many years and they target specific problems.

At the ripe old age of 24, the current Mr Gay Ireland, Greg Joynt doesn’t have much in the way of aging problems, but like any self-respecting homosexual man, he jumped at the chance to have a day of pampering at the Stephen Thomas clinic.


Stephen began by working on Greg’s feet.

People are often squeamish about being touched on the feet so it’s a perfect time to engage with them about what they want out of the session. It’s the most relaxing way to start a massage. Then I go on to the legs, chest and arms, and then finally the back and shoulders

he explains.

Greg says:

There’s a big difference between being massaged by a man or a woman. It’s to do with strength. A man generally has more upper body strength, which translates itself into the depth of the massage. It’s definitely different being massaged by a man. You can really feel the strength of it deep in your tissues. It’s both invigorating and relaxing. I could feel Stephen working the knots out of my muscles and it felt incredible.


When Greg and I first talked, he said he had quite dry skin but people are often wrong about their own skin. On closer inspection he has combination skin with excess oil on his T-zone. It’s really important to have a beauty therapist who will really look at the skin and diagnose it properly.

says Stephen.

I began by cleansing the skin and exfoliating to create a kind of blank canvas to work on. When you exfoliate the skin you are getting rid of the surface that’s built up over days and exposing the real base of the person’s particular skin tone. After exfoliating I used a cream with Neroli oil in it to gently massage Greg’s face because this is a great combination skin treatment. It dries up oily areas and nourishes dry areas at the same time. Then I used a combination mask containing nettle and tea tree to target the shine on Greg’s T-zone and on the drier areas a wheatgerm-based mask. Wheatgerm draws nutrients and moisture into the skin while at the same time pulling out all the free radicals, and it’s also a germicide it killing bacteria on contact. The mask was left on for ten minutes and when I removed it, I covered Greg’s face in hot towels. Then I toned Greg’s face to close up the pores. I moisturised his face with a time-release product which will keep doing its job all day. It’s suitable for all skin types, particularly for young skin because it’s not too heavy.

Greg says:

It was my first facial ever - I’m a facial virgin! My skin feels absolutely amazing. It’s tingling with a really healthy feeling. I’ll be coming back for more of this!


Stephen explains:

A cuticle remover breaks the cuticle down so I can cut them back, making the nails look cleaner and longer. “I filed Greg’s nails and cleaned underneath them, and then I applied a mask with soothing oils to his hands. I let that infuse for a while and then I applied a paraffin treatment that really makes the hands smooth and younger looking. In Greg’s case his hands look young already, but lots of guys in their 30s and 40s really like the way this treatment reduces the aging of their hands. With the paraffin on I let Greg’s hands rest in heated mittens to really make it do the business. Finally, I removed it and buffed and shined the nails.

Greg says:

Wow! My hands have never looked better.