All body treatments have a duration of one hour.

Full Body Swedish Massage €65

An indulgent and relaxing spa treatment, Swedish massage combines the qualities of five classical movements throughout to promote relaxation, muscle tension relief and vitality. You should consider this treatment an essential ritual to help dispel the stresses of your busy life. You owe it to yourself!

Clarisonic Body Exfoliation €65

This body exfoliation is a client favourite in recent years. Your body is cleaned from head to toe using Decléor Aroma White C+. Once rinsed, you will then be treated to an intense double exfoliation treatment combining the oscillating power of the Clarisonic brush with the dense, freshly scented apricot particles of the St. Ives Body Scrub. Hot towels abundant, this treatment is excellent for all skin types, particularly dry / flaky, Oily / Spotty or as a post waxing treatment*.

Deep Tissue Massage €70

Deep Tissue Massage offers that extra strength needed to release muscular tension. Particular attention is placed on the back of the body where, over time, we hold most physical tension. This treatment is not for those who just want a treat to relax - It is for those whom are looking at the long-term benefits for the week post-treatment.