Fibroblast Plasma Aesthetic Treatment

Fibroblast Plasma Aesthetic treatments represent the future of advanced skin procedures. During your treatment the area to be treated is isolated, targeted and treated using a hand-held device known as the PLASMA GUN. For anti-aging treatments (fibro-blasting), the gun is pointed on the outer folds of the line or wrinkle and produces a ‘plasma arc’ charge that forces fibroblast activity within the skin to push out the line and firm up the skin.

For dermatological (non-surgical) purposes, this medical device is used in the salon for the successful treatment of:

  • Anti-aging, wrinkle correction
  • Acne – active spots and scarring
  • Removal of Stretch marks and corrective scars
  • Smoker lines and wrinkle removal
  • Removal of moles (flat or raised) – medical clearance required for suspicious growths
  • Age spots, benign skin blemish and bumps
  • Keloids
  • Warts, verruca, and rough skin
  • Small and large skin tags
  • Keratosis Hyperplasia

Price estimated at time of treatment consultation. Each treatment type will have a different price rate depending on the skin condition presented.

Consultation required for patient suitability