Step into a world of full body relaxation with Swedish body massage, Deep tissue massage and Coffee-bean body exfoliation with nutrient-rich oils, balms, and scrubs to de-stress you from head to toe. You deserve it!

Full Body Swedish Massage - 60 mins / 90 mins - €70 / €120

An indulgent and relaxing spa treatment, Swedish massage combines the qualities of five classical movements throughout to promote relaxation, muscle tension relief and vitality. You should consider this treatment an essential ritual to help dispel the stresses of your busy life. You owe it to yourself!

Body Exfoliation - (45 mins / 90 mins) €80 / €120

This body exfoliation is a client favourite in recent years. Your body is cleansed from head to toe using foaming exfoliation wash from Lycon. Once rinsed, you will be treated to an intense body scrub using the vitamin-infused sugar or salt scrub to slough off all dead, surface skin cells. The exfoliating scrubs are infused with nutrient-rich ingredients such as Manuka Honey, Vitamin E, Sea Salt, Mandarin, bamboo, rose, chocolate and coffee, to name but a few. This treatment is especially excellent to remedy dry skin, stretch marks, itchy, flaky skin, lack-lustre skin or just as a luxury skin-boost for your body. Also recommended as a pre-sun, after sun or pre-waxing and after-waxing treatment. Everyone can benefit from exfoliation. Smooth skin for all!

The 45 minute treatment includes a cleanse, exfoliation and a replenishing oil treatment.

The 90 minute treatment includes a 45 minute active cleanse, full body scrub and a 45 minute full body swedish massage

ASAP Body Exfoliation for Acne - 30 mins - €65 per area treated

ASAP body exfoliation treatment harnesses the chemical exfoliating powers of natural active ingredients like glycolic and salicyllic and lactic peels along with prescriptive-grade retinol, vitamin B3, B5 and B9, as well as reservatrol, red clover extract and cross-linked hyaluronic acid to take stubborn and persistant body acne on areas such as the chest, back, buttocks and legs. Your skin will be cleaned throughly, exfoliated and a medical - grade mask wiill be utilised to banish your body acne into retreat. Where necessary, extraction will be performed to relieve you skin of blackheads, white heads and puss-filled spots.