Stephen Thomas Skincare Shop

The Stephen Thomas online skincare shop is host to three professional-grade skincare brands. These brands are used daily in the award-winning salon on Dame Street during facial and advanced skin treatments.

Decléor Paris is a therapeutic and luxury brand used by Stephen for nearly 19 years of his career. Stephen's clients (all male) are huge fans of the brand because of the effects and results they witness on their skin. Though Decléor has been phased out, some of the poducts are still available in the online shop.

Skincare should not be gender-specific, it should be skin-type focused.

Australian Skin Active Products (ASAP) is a skincare brand that contains advanced, active and prescriptive ingredients. (pharmaceutical-grade AHA, BHA, Retinol, Vitamin C, Telomere protectiion) Treating conditions from acne and premature aging. Results from this product line are achieved very fast and are lasting.

Lycon is a skin brand that focuses on the care of the skin after waxing, but they can also be used for clearing spots and ingrown hairs.

Monuskin skincare takes the best nature has to offer in essential oils and combines it with advanced natural ingredients such as AhA's, BHA's, Enzymes, Vitamins and Minerals to offer a hybrid skincare type to suit a vast array of skin conditions