The ultimate luxury. Skin-pampering, intensive facials. Decléor Paris delivers with their classic and highly reputed, 100% natural essential oils, through these truly relaxing facials.
Cosmetics are chosen from the range to meet your skin’s needs and deficiencies. You will witness your skin change from your very first facial which will include an in-depth analysis, deep cleansing and nourishing to achieve skin perfection. Bespoke ingredients for your unique skin.


Ultimate Vitamin Glow phase I  - 1 Hour €70

Ultimate vitamin glow (phase I) is the inaugural facial in the Decléor family of skin treatments, during which your skin will be deeply cleansed and analysed to establish your skin type down to minute detail. Natural and luxurious essential oils chosen during the treatment will be bespoke to your skin type.

Ultimate Vitamin Glow phase II - 1 Hour €75

Phase II (your second facial) is completed using the unique "Aromaplastie" hot mask, which is a blend of wheatgerm and sunflower seeds, high in content of youthful vitamin E. These facial treatments are not only absolute pampering, but the crucial first and second steps to skin perfection.


Collagen Plump and Lift - 1 Hour €80

Energising but luxurious, specialised massage helps recharge the skins tissues with an indulgent, collagen-rich mask, infuses the complexion with skin-plumping nutrients. Ultimately effective in anti-ageing, leaving the skin feeling plumper and firmer. The ultimate, natural-only, anti-aging facial.

*Take any of our specialised facial treatments and add the following three enhancements to your experience for an extra €35.

Ear Hair Waxing – remove unsightly ear hair which appears as we get older. This hair becomes darker and harder as we age but can be removed with ease and little discomfort for up to 6 weeks.

Nasal Hair Waxing – Again, as we age, hair sprouts from all the places we would rather not have it. None as unsightly as the pesky, and sometimes rather bushy nose hair.

Eyebrow Waxing – The ever-popular eyebrow wax keeps your natural shape but removes excess hair surrounding that shape. This gives your eyes that instant lift and enhancement.