Waxing made simple with the world-famous and superior Lycon wax. Your body will be transformed from hair to bare. This exclusive wax is up to 60% less painful than other wax brands and removes hair from 2mm long. Hot Rosette wax for sensitive areas, Lycojet wax for immaculate finish and gold strip wax for larger surfaces. Suitable for all skin types. Experience 18 years of waxing expertise as well as the reputation as the go-to salon for male intimate waxing, Stephen Thomas Male Grooming and Skin Clinic is where it all started in Ireland.


Patch testing is compulsory for all waxing treatments if it is your first time. The salon will not proceed without this. Attend the salon at least 24 hours for a patch test and consultation for free. Patch testing is carried out to make sure that you have no allergies to wax. If you have been waxed before and have had no adverse reactions then you can proceed with waxing at your own risk.


No Showers or bathing for 24 hours after waxing. Do not go to the gym, sauna, steam room, swimming pool or exercise for 48 hours after waxing. Avoid direct sunshine for 48 hours. Use aftercare products advised – this is essential for best recovery and results.

While the salon will assist with advice in the event of a reaction (spots, ingrown hairs, adverse reactions etc.) the responsibility of such rests solely with the client.


Lycon hot and strip wax is used in this salon. Made in Australia (where waxing is like breathing) this brand is, by far, the most exclusive wax system in the market and used only in the top-rated salons in Ireland – accept nothing less!


Waxing Pricelist

prices will be displayed on a face-to-feet basis.


patch test for wax (required 24 hours before) no charge

eyebrow wax €18

cheekbone wax €15

nose / nasal wax €16

ear wax €16

beard sculpt upper €22

beard sculpt lower €22

beard sculpt u&l€40

stephen thomas enhance (eyebrows, ears and nose wax) €40

stephen thomas enhance+ (eyebrows, ears, nose and upper cheek wax) €50

neck and torso

neck wax€16

shoulder wax €28

neck and shoulder wax €35

neck and nape  €25

back wax (no shoulder)€42

back, shoulder and neck wax €48

back, shoulder, neck and upper arm €58

lower back wax €30

underarm wax €28

underarm and full arm €60

full arm wax €40

full arm and hand wax €50

abdomen wax €30

chest wax€30

chest and abdomen wax €55

nipple area wax only €17

total neck and torso wax (excluding arms and underarms) €110

total neck and torso wax (including arms and underarms)€140

intimate area waxing (from the waist down)

intimate waxing, shaving and trimming is carried out on those aged 21 years or older unless accompanied by person of age required.

buttocks wax €40

front genital area wax €45

buttocks and genital waxing€70

hollywood male (all pubic hair front and back)€75

brazilian male (leaves landing strip)€80

speedo-line wax €42

back, sack and crack €95

lower back and buttocks€65

full back and buttocks€85

full leg wax€55

full leg and buttocks€70

½ leg upper€35

½ leg lower €35

feet and toes €25

waist – down total removal €120

full body wax€215

body-hair trimming and wet-shaving

body-hair trimming can be carried out on some or all areas of the body using an electric razor. this treatment has been requested very often over the years and is tailor-made to your needs. length of hair required can be cut to the standard 1 / 2 / 3 sizes using the wahl pro-clippers. the benefits are that the hair can be thinned out making it less bushy in certain areas. ideal for those who want to lessen the appearance of their hair but without removing it entirely as with wax or shaving.

body-hair trimming

full body trim €85

½ body trim €55

pubic trim €25

buttocks trim€25

chest and ab trim €30

back trim €30

underarm trim €15

full arm trim €25


wet-shaving is an option and can be carried out to all the areas mentioned on the waxing price list for the same prices. wet shaving is particularly effective as a pre-laser treatment, also for those who have decided against waxing but want a smooth look. it is worth mentioning that the wet-shaving results last for much less time than waxing.

wet shaving - same as waxing areas and prices