About Stephen Thomas

head-shotStephen McEvoy is the owner and sole therapist of Stephen Thomas Male Grooming Inc.

The name “Thomas”, as it appears in the business title was that of Stephen’s late Grandfather, friend and mentor. The decision to use Thomas’ name in conjunction to his own was made as a dedication to their close relationship.

Hello, Stephen here.
I started my career in the beauty and grooming industry in October 2003 after training in top facilities in Dublin and London. At the time there was a “buzz” around the idea of male grooming, but there was very little actually being done about it.

I decided initially to take a course as a way to understand problems I had with my own skin, I had severe acne from age 11 and that has been an ongoing problem area since. Besides taking medication as an adolescent and young man for this condition I knew very little else about it. I was uneducated on how to treat my skin using cosmetics rather than medication and I was not sure why, besides “growing pains”, my skin continued to cause me pain and embarrassment. Though, I consider myself lucky, I never suffered severe acne to my face. My condition was to the neck and torso and for a long time now thanks to everything I have learned about and practiced, I have it under control.

When it came to my training, I focused all of my research on the male industry and realised quite early that Ireland was limited in its approach to - and availability of aesthetic treatments for men.

I decided at the ripe old age of 22, to set up shop with the support of family, friends and two selflessly kind people (Fergal Martin and David McCarthy). Twelve years and many thousands of treatments later, I sometimes find it hard to believe that my idea worked, and in fact the male grooming industry itself is now part of the norm – that would have been hard to imagine when I started out.

Keeping in mind that my clients are men, and somewhat new to attending a clinic for male beauty treatments, I take a personal approach to my work and I like to get to know my clients to build mutual trust. So that where there are problems on an aesthetic level they are comfortable to talk openly about it and hopefully receive advice and treatment they can rely on.
Here’s to twelve more years and beyond…